100 Day Loans – Getting Approved For Your Loan

Hello, I want to welcome you to my site and explain a little bit about why I created it to help people such as yourself search for a payday loan.  First I would like to introduce myself, my name is Shannon and like many people a few months ago I had some unexpected car repairs that I simply did not have the money to fix. Yet, my family and kids depended on me getting to work and not wanting to bother friends or coworkers being it around the holidays and money is tight for most families, I started looking at payday loan options.

You would think it is easy, since there are many storefront payday loan stores, however my car was broke and I didn’t want to call a cab just to get to the payday loan store. So, I began to look online and there were a number of options, however most payday loan providers wanted me to pay back the loan almost immediately (within two weeks)  and while my car repairs were only a little over $500, I knew that it would likely be a problem. That is when I found out about 100 day loans and started researching the company, not only did I find out they could approve me entirely online, I also found out they were licensed to operate in 48 states.  The fact that 100 day loans is licensed to operated and regulated by over 40 states, made me rest assured that if I encountered any problems along the way, that they would be handled quickly and professionally.

The thing I really liked about 100 day loans and why I took the time to create this site and tell others about their payday loan services, is the fact they allowed me to pay back my loan over 100 days.  I’ve heard of stories in the news, where people get behind and have to take out second payday loans, simply because they were again strapped for cash, having to pay back their payday loan right away. That is one of the main reasons I really found 100 day loans very beneficial, since they provided me more than enough time to pay back my loan.

The loan process through 100 day loans was also incredibly fast and easy, I literally had the cash I needed to pay the shop for my car repairs in my checking account that afternoon.  See, the beauty of 100 day loans, is the fact that their entire application process and tracking is done entirely online. So once you click on the application, all you have to do is put in your name and contact information and answer a few short questions about your work history and almost immediately within 90 seconds you have an answer on your loan status. After I was approved I was able to go into my account and 100 day loans and click on the electronic form I needed to sign and within a few hours the money was deposited directly into my bank account.

100dayloanI also liked the fact that all the details, terms and loan information is in one place in my online loan portal, that way if I had to look something up or had a question, it was a click away.  With 100 day loans, you can be approved for a loan up to $1500 entirely online, and once you are paired up with a lender it’s also possible depending on your income and situation to get a higher value loan. However, probably much like yourself, I only needed $500 for my car repairs and I didn’t want the burden of having a larger loan that I did not need.

So all that you need to do in order to get the cash you need in your bank account, is take a few minutes and start the application process by clicking the link below. You will be taken to a secure encrypted application form, that you fill out that takes only a few minutes and get your loan right away. In fact, if you need a second loan you can even apply through the same site tomorrow, however it is generally advised to wait a couple days.


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